Sunday, June 28, 2015


Project: Urns, Scotch cups, Indiegogo items (still)
Mood: Scattered
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Alternate titles for this blog post;

"I found some change in the bottom of my backpack. I'm rich, I can buy a slurpee!!!"
"I made a new thing"
"I have an awesome new apprentice"
"Crabbie's Raspberry Ginger Beer is the third best thing ever in my mouth"
"Fuck This Shit"

So, Rollercoastering, up, down, speed, slow, spirals, upside-down, then at the end you are excited and you want to puke. Oh yeah, and you spent all your money on it and now you're broke.

That's what the last 2 art markets have been like. Working with my wonderful new apprentice, whom we will talk about down the page a bit, making lots of new work, Then getting rained out at one and no one coming to the other. Total sales, 4 mugs, three beads and a shaving bowl, about $175. Total cost of the markets, about $165, hey, I made $10!!! Really, "Fuck this shit!"

All the things I can't do with $10;

Pay my rent
Pay my bills
Buy food
Pay for more markets

Time to jump on some commissions.

Sigh . . . ok, enough "ranty" on to the good stuff.

I have a new apprentice in my studio this summer, in fact my first formal apprentice, Alisha Marie Adams. I first taught her when I did one of my yearly demos at my old High School, Lord Beaverbrook, here in Calgary. She is now at ACAD working on her BFA, in Ceramics of course, and going into the third year program this Fall. She is helping me catch up on so much stuff and stocking up my regular work and in return I am teaching her a new range of techniques on the wheel, hand-building and design. Go check out her Facebook page at and keep an eye out for her work.

Alisha on our visit to the Banff Centre for the Arts

I recently completed a large piece that I am entering in a local exhibition. Something a little different, mostly in clay color and I actually put some glaze on the outside of a piece for once. Its called "Est Finis Omnium - End of All Things". Follow the link to see the full photo-set on my Facebook page, or just ogle the teasers below.

I have lots of work on the go at the moment, if you see anything on my Facebook or Instagram stream that you like please reach out. Bonus points to anyone who can find me some Crabbie's Raspberry Ginger Beer in Calgary, yes, it's really that good!

Well, I really did find a couple of bucks in my backpack so I'm off to get a slurpee.