Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hinc iliac lacrimae - Hence these tears

Project: Life & Death

Mood: Sad, so very very sad

Media: The Universe, in all its tragic majesty and grace.

I said I was going to blog more and I haven't blogged for a year, and frankly I have been putting this entry off. The events of the last few hours have pushed me to publish this draft that has been sitting here for the past six months.

At this point in my life I have garnered many friends, a few of these friends I consider family.

A few days ago my friend Shannon, and her new fiancee Darren, lost their lives in a tragic car accident. I hadn't seen her for a while but she was embarking on a new adventure and I was happy for her. I hadn't met Darren yet but considering how driven Shannon was I am confident that he was a quality individual.

She was going to work on an artistic project with me but now it will not be the same.

She was always awesome and I will always remember her as awesome. She will be missed.

On June 20th last year though is what put me in this slump I have been in.

Pat Keenan
KEENAN, Patrick Dennis January 9, 1961 - June 20, 2010 Pat passed away at home at the age of 49 years. Predeceased by his father Dennis. Pat is survived by his mother Gwen, sisters Susan and Laura, niece Melissa, nephew Kyle, uncles: Claude, John, and Paul. He will be remembered and deeply missed by myriads of relatives and friends in Canada and California. He was an incredible artist who loved golf and social events with his friends.

I first met Pat in my 3rd year at the Alberta College of Art when he entered the Ceramic department in 1987, we hung out all the time with our friend Tupper, worked on projects, shared space, ideas, food & drink.

His favorite hobby, also shared by Tupper, was trying to get me so drunk I would puke. They took me out for my birthday once and treated me to one of my favorite meals, English style fish and chips with mushy peas (just so they could see me puke green). I never let them see me puke, but of course I did.

Few friends have ever been as close as Pat, years could go by but it seemed like no time had passed when we got together. We shared a studio for a while a couple of years back, I loved that, and I miss it greatly. I miss him greatly.

My path has changed over the last year, and its about to change again. The last time for my career, this time for my health. Pat always was devoted to his career, and his example has directed me. Shannon always believed I could lead a healthier life, and in her honor I will do that.

Now I need to learn to improve my world without the death of a friend as an impetus.