Monday, June 7, 2010

The sharing of bad habits, and a little knowledge

Project: Lots of Mugs and shaping paddles for the CJCC
Media: The Fountain (which I have now lost track of how many times I have viewed - Best Movie Ever!)

Just re-wrote what I was going to post, it was turning into a rant about teaching and politics. - you are welcome.

A little while back I was privileged to be asked to come and demo my work for the Yellowhead Regional Arts Festival in the community of Edson, west of Edmonton. I was looking forward to this because not only did I get to demo my work (pure vanity) but its a nearly 500km trip, and I would have a little solitude while driving.

I also listened to the new Gorillaz - Plastic Beach album about 10 times on the way up. Great album, lots of energy. Got there in plenty of time to check in to the Lakeview Hotel, which surprisingly is nowhere near a lake, nor does it have much of a view. Unless you count overlooking a vacant lot and a Shell station as a "view".

I spent my first evening judging the work that was entered for the festival. I did bring my camera and took pictures of the Red Brick Art Centre & Museum but of course forgot about taking any pictures after that (Dumbass tourist).

The next morning I had a live critique with all the artists and we even had the time to discuss individual techniques and ideas about their work. Lots of heart in all the work, lots of detail and my most often worded advice was be more aggressive. I particularly remember an agate-ware piece that was a little muddy but quite lovely.

Photo: Lisa Wilkinson

Then we got to the demo, while I rambled on about tips and techniques, bad habits, good habits, movie references, etc until I bored everyone silly.

Photo: Lisa Wilkinson

I was also able to show my agate-ware technique in combination with the faceting technique that I like to use.

Photo: Lisa Wilkinson

Agate-ware is basically mixing two or more colors of clay in a marble pattern before you construct your piece. My tips on that would be not to mix the colors too much and always cut-down/sand the surface to bring out the colors better.

I quite enjoyed meeting the potters of Edson and hope I encouraged them to try new things and experiment with the diffferent techniques I was able to show them. Thanks to Lisa for sending me the pics and keep looking at those Beardsley prints. :-)

On my travels home I took a relaxing detour and stayed with my friends Jens and Alice who have some land near Busby. I got to visit with the dogs,

... play "count the fish" (can you see the black ones?) ...

... and go quading, which I haven't done in a very long time.

A restful and relaxing end to my "working weekend" and it made the drive home the next morning even more peaceful. I listened to The Fountain sountrack all the way home and I even had a rainbow show up.

Then 2km from home my engine light came on and when I pulled into my driveway my waterpump exploded.

The End.


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  1. I just found your blog and laughed my ass off!! My husband even laughed a little ( which is a lot for him ) Your tablet was wet !! i have made that mistake before too with the same exact results and much vacumn time in the kiln because the little bits will fuse to your elements and short the kiln if you don't!! Back to work for you hahahahha. Also, if you could just get one of those windows open on the calgary tower (in the restaurant) you could shoot people from there while drinking expensive scotch from a polite waiter hahahahah good potting, better luck with the next tablet!