Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sometimes shit just blows up

Project: The 9 cam|mandments
Mood: shit blowing up and breathing problems=not happy
Media: Apocalypshit by Molotov

So I have been working on this interesting little semi-sacreligious project for a local company called Cam Industrial. They have a series of "cam|mandments" for their staff to follow to be more beneficial in their jobs and to foster positive interactions with their customers. I have been working on a desk-top model and a full size 14" x 20" tablet for each cam|mandment. There will be more than one set in the end so I have made a mold of the original, good thing too.

It took forever for the mold to dry in our crazy weather, and the first cast almost as long. The customer is getting anxious, and I tell him its finally ready to fire and he will have it soon. I set the kiln, put the tablet in place and hit the start button. Its late, 3 in the am so I head to bed.

In the morning I get up to check the kiln, its off, but its cold . . . shouldn't be that cold so quickly?!? I open the lid . . .

WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!! I've been burgled!!!

I close the lid, hope for a sudden dimensional shift into another universe where it didn't blow up, and open the lid again. Grinning like an idiot.

Maybe in a bit.
Bell tower & sniper rifle?
Hate guns, and do we even have a bell tower in Calgary?
How about just walking away for now?

The worst part is telling the customer that they have to wait while I figure out how I fucked up, and to make sure it doesn't happen the next time. I'm pretty sure I set the kiln but forgot to reset the automatic cycle so instead of the kiln starting at a low temp it started at a high temp. Thus turning the piece into pieces.

Going for a grogged sculpture body clay with the longest firing cycle on my kiln. I shall also sacrifice some single-malt to the kiln gods, burn some incense, etc.

Anyone know any virgins?

Mmmmm Sacrelicious.


  1. OUCH! How did the customer take it?

    Like your website, beautiful knotwork! (Not all the pic show up though, could be my ancient Mac.. :-)

  2. Andrew I was writing a post about things blowing up in kilns & needed a visual aide so I googled for a pic & yours showed up so I used it, (hope you don't mind, I posted your link). Checked out your work & was blown. The whole Goddess/Celtic/Sci-Fi laid over well made pottery is fine design. Hope the eyes get better, it would totally suck if you couldn't continue on your creative way. Good Luck.