Sunday, February 21, 2010

You want me to do what?

Project: Donation piece for Team Docktor
Mood: Grinning
Media: Kingdom of Heaven Love Ridley Scott films! I would also sell my soul for five minutes with Eva Green. Its the eyes, yeah . . . nice eyes.

One thing about being an artist is that you are constantly being hit up for donations. I used to give multiple pieces a year to auctions, etc. and never has it helped my business and in most cases it ended up benefitting no charity at all. I have rules now, first, I only donate one piece a year. Second, if you cannot provide me with a donation receipt then guess what, you are not a real charity organization then are you. Third, if you got a big fat arts grant to run this arts project/arts auction, pay yourself and everybody else involved but still want your artists to donate their product/time for nothing . . . see that lake over there . . . go jump in it.

That last one happens ALL THE TIME, the second one almost as much. There are loop-holes though, if I know you and your charity and believe in it, I will donate. In the end the donation itself is the important thing. In the past I donated a piece to my friend Lori to help fund her goal to join the Follow the Women Bicycle tour. This year I am donating a piece to the Team Docktor ArtforMS fundraiser. Art forMS, an art exhibit and fundraising event in support of the MS Society of Canada. I have finally finished making them a vase, sprigged with gears and knotwork and with a few choice Latin phrases. Here is a sneak peek, taken with my cell phone (regular camera batteries are dead).

Just know that if I donate a piece for a fundraiser, I believe in it, throw all your money at it.

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